Adventure Creek Canopy Challenge

- Located in the hardwood forest of the Ohio Valley, this course is aimed at developing team work and self-confidence.

– Enjoy sensational moments of fun and pleasure in the middle of nature!

– This canopy challenge consists of different courses with various difficulty levels to accommodate your friends and family. It also includes spectacular zip lines going over ponds, creeks, and tree canopies. It accommodates anybody in between 60 lbs to 260 lbs. A waiver must be signed by the participant or the  responsible party if children are under 18 years old.

– Schools, community groups, camps, at-risk youth, law enforcement, and rescue workers are all encouraged to use this course to develop character and learn new skills. Also, great for graduation or birthday parties!

The Six Courses

- The Bobcat: Geared towards initiation to the canopy challenge and younger individuals.

- The Wolf: Offers access to everyone with various levels on the course-if you are up to challenging yourself.

- The Coyote: A tree trekking trail that welcomes everybody for a fun time.

- The Bear Cub: Next to the Grizzly, it allows participants to choose an easier path and still enjoy great scenery and action.

- The Grizzly: The most difficult course with plenty of elements to test yourself.

- Spiderman’s World: A field of zip lines involving creek crossings, nets, and a lot of fun!

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